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maandag 3 november 2014


Stacking the Shelves

I got an amazing STS this week. I didn't know that I even get an STS, because I didn't order anything.
But....I got a big, big, big gift from a niece of mine. 
My brother, niece, her husband and me got an invitation from my aunt and uncle to eat mash put (this is such a funny word in english, in dutch you call it stamppot) to celebrate Fall. It's a little bit strange because yesterday it wasn't Fall at all!! Yesterdat it was 20C in the Netherlands. A late summer day =) Yaaaay, but we where celebrating Fall.
After a while my niece has something to say to us. She got a lot of things they don't use anymore and she asked if she could make us happy with it. And....that's the big, awesome, amazing part....one of those things was an Ereader!!! OMG!!! Can you believe it? So I asked my aunt and uncle if they want this ereader, but they already got one, and my brother has an ereader as well. Soooo....Mariska got an EREADER!!! Can you believe it?? I am soooo super super super super happy with it =)

Have a nice monday!!

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