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woensdag 29 oktober 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

Again here with a nother meme. When I tell you guys I am back in blogland, I am really back =) LOL.
And today it is wednesday so time for Waiting on Wednesday, this meme is hosted by Jill at breaking the spine.
Another great meme where we share the books we can't wait to read but aren't yet published =(
I didn't know that at the book I want/need to read. I am sooo addicted to Jeaniene Frost's books and I really thought this serie was already finished. Boy, was I wrong......
Let me show you this book:

Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost (night prince #3)
Expected publication: January 27th 2015 by Avon

Bound by Flames (Night Prince, #3)

Play with fire, pay the price.

Leila’s years on the carnie circuit were certainly an education. What she didn’t learn: how to be a vampire, or how to be married to the most famous vampire of them all. Adjusting to both has Leila teetering on a knife edge between passion and peril, and now the real danger is about to begin…

Vlad must battle with a centuries-old enemy whose reach stretches across continents and whose strength equals his own. It isn’t like Vlad to feel fear, but he does…for Leila, because his enemy knows she is Vlad’s greatest weakness. As friend and foe alike align against him—and his overprotectiveness drives Leila away—Vlad’s love for his new bride could be the very thing that dooms them both…

What is the book you can't wait to get published and read?
Let me know it if you like =)
Have a nice day. 

dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

top ten books & movies to get into the halloween spirit

Time for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the broke and the bookish such an awesome meme is this. I really like it =)
This weeks top 10 is:

top ten books & movies to get into the halloween spirit

I never read books that brings me into the Halloween spirit. So for me it would be a top 10 tuesday with movies.

1 Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp, do I need to say more? Yes...you really need to see this movie =) )

2 Hocus Pocus (such a fun movie)

3 The Phantom of the Opera (romantic and scary)

4 The Addams Family 

gremlins poster 10 Ridiculously Fun Horror Films For Halloween

5 The Gremlins

Ghostbusters Flight Suit 10 Ridiculously Fun Horror Films For Halloween

6 Ghostbusters

7 It (I was 11 years old when I was watching this movie, without my parents permission, and I never was sooo scared then after watching this movie. Do you remember that toilet scene? The first couple of days there was always someone at the toilet with me. I was to scared to go alone)

8 The Ring (I was smoking weed with my ex boyfriend and watching this movie, that is such a terrible combination. I was sooo scared. And I saw this movie a year ago again, without smoking weed, because I don't smoke that anymore for a couple of years, and it was still scary)

9 Freddy Krueger (do I need to say more, SCARY!!!!)

10  Chucky (scary and funny in a twisted way. Does that doll look even more scary in this state then when he is really scary? lol)

That was my top 10 for this week, hope you like it and maybe got some inspiration to watch one of these movies.
Have a nice tuesday!! 

maandag 27 oktober 2014

It;s Monday! What are you reading?


It's Monday, soooo time for "It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
My Life as a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie, #1)This is a great meme where we share the books that we read in the last week, what we are reading now, and what we like to read next this week. 

Sooo....the last time I am a really slow reader. I don't know why this is happening, but I only read before I go to sleep, and every time I read a few pages, I fall a sleep. And this isn't only with boring books but also with great books. 

But last week I was reading:
My life as a white trash zombie by Diana Rowland
This book is soooo great that I bought the last 3 in this serie as well =) 

Such Sweet Sorrow

After I finished this book I started reading Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Trout.
For me it is a slow read and I really want to start another book but I am afraid I don't finish this one. And I  think that is a shame. Because I think and hope that this story will get better =)

The books I want to read after finishing this one are the next books by Diana Rowland.

Hope you all got a great start of the week!!
Have a nice monday!!

zondag 26 oktober 2014

the world box of happiness

Yesterday I told you that I was visiting amsterdam on friday. 
That was a fun and inspiring day for me. Me and my friend where visiting Body world. This is a great and inspiring exhibition. If you never heard of it, you really should visit this site (on the right side you can change the language) and if you ever visit amsterdam you really should see this exhibition. Its amazing!!!
They got there a happiness project and I even bought the world of happiness box. Because, who doesn't want to get more happiness in our lifes.
Let me show you how this box looks like:

There are 52 cards in this box with things you can do to get more happiness in your life. 
Every week you pick a card and you do what is written on it. I am sooo happy I bought this. Would this create more happiness in my life? 
Every sunday I want to share with you what is on this card. And the next sunday I will tell you what I did that week to create more happiness. 

I know this has nothing to do with books. But a little more happiness in your life without doing really big things like winning the lottery, buy your self more books with your winning money, and be happy for the moment. You can make your own happiness by doing some small things. How awesome is that?

Sooo...this week....(I hope I will translate this good for you guys, because it is written only in dutch) 

* Go to a secondhand shop or thrift store, buy your self something nice, and cherish this. 

** Think back on your life and think of 5 moments that make you give a super enthousiastic feeling. Give these feelings or moments a second chance

I hope I can inspire people to do the same and be more happy when you did this. 
Please let me know if I inspire you with this and maybe you can post this it on your blog? 

Enjoy your sunday!

zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

STS october

*Sorry this is a long post with a lot of photos*

July 15th was the last time I was posting and probably visiting blogland.
It is a long time ago with a lot of things that happened (I won't tell you about it, don't worry, because it is  really a lot, and most of the thing aren't that great) but I am back =) Yaaaaay!!!

                       Stacking the Shelves

 I will try to be more often in blog land, probably with great memes like STS (and hopefully with reviews). That's why I was making this post in the first place. In these months that passed you would think I got a lot of books. But it isn't really that much. But I really want to share them with you. Especially the book I bought yesterday when I was visiting Amsterdam for the second time. It is really a shock, because I am a dutch girl, but really, 2 months ago when  I told my friends that I never visited Amsterdam they where in total shock and 2 weeks later we where walking true the kalverstraat, visiting Rembrand plein, the Dam and the sex museum. And of course al those awesome bookstores. =) But I bought only one book that day. It's really a total shock (yes, I use this word a lot, sorry, but its the only way I can discripe this).

It looks like a really good steampunk serie. I don't read it yet, because of al the other books I need to read. But did you read this book? And what do you think of it? Is it great? I hope it is =)

Okay, next. I ordered some books in the last couple of months at the bookdepository, it is really the most awesome book store ever. Sad you can't visit it =( 

Of course I needed this book. Hello???? I read the first 6 and, come on, really? Do I need to say more. This is such a great serie.That brings me to the next books. Sorry Bones, I read to much about you, it is time for Vlad. Because.... I really needed to read more about Vlad....<3<3 LOL

Next on my list of books I wanted to show you is my birthday present. =) I got a coupon for a bookstore from a friend of mine and bought a book I really  needed to read (I still didn't got the time for it)

One of those series I need to finish and heeey, that brings me to my next book ;) hahahaha

I bough it yesterday when I was visiting amsterdam for the second time (really it is such a beautiful city, I will let you see some photo's I make the first time I was visiting, after the last books in this post)

What did I tell you, one of those series I need to finish. LOL. I think I am the last one, but that is okay, I don't have a lot of time to read and read only before I go sleeping. Most of the time I read my self to sleep. 

And the last books in this post. I bought the first one a half year ago, or longer. I don't know. But I read it a couple of weeks ago and I needed to get the whole serie. Lucky for me it is already published so I bought the last 3 of them as well.

I really hope they are great because I liked the first one in this serie very much =)
That was it for my books....If you don't want to see photos from my visit to amsterdam, that is okay, because they are comming now =) I wish you a nice day. 
If you like to stay and see my photo's....yaaaaay  for you!!!!

My friends Lisa, Melanie (mother of Lisa and wife to Willy), Willy.
It's so funny, first I was friends with Melanie, and after a few months Lisa became a friend of me as well. (let me tell you, Melanie is 9 years older then me and Lisa is 12 years younger then me, yes it is funny)

Yes we need to laugh more, I know, but we where looking in to the sun when this photo was taken. And yes, that person on the left is me =)

Rembrand plein (it is really nice to see it)

I am not sure but I think this is a photo from a street before you go to the kalverstreet. Let me tell you, if you like to shop, not only for books (but there are a lot of bookstores) but also clothes and other great stuff you need to be in this street. You got here the vero moda (my favorite store), forever 21, I bought there a skirt yesterday, the (lady) sting and many more. At Spui there are some book stores. And at the beginning of the Kalverstreet. 

I love this photo. This is sooooo Amsterdam. Bikes and water. But you really should look where you are walking, because it is almost dangerous when you are walking true amsterdam with those bikes, but also with the tram. It is nice but really, use your eyes. I can't tell you that enough. 

I do love the last photo, but I think this is my favorite. 
Don't you love it? 

That was my post for today.
Hope to see you guys soon. =)