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woensdag 30 april 2014

I am moving

Hi everyone. 

I want you to know that in the next couple of weeks, I am almost never at my blog or at your blog posting comments. 
It's because I got the key to my new house to day. 
I am really excited, but I just want you guys to know that that is the reason I am the next 2, 3 weeks not much on my blog. 

Finally a new start for me, I can tell you that I really needed this. In the last 2, 3 years I got a hell of a life. My parents broke with me after they did something aweful to me. And much of my family broke with me after this. I lost my job this January and two of my best friends broke with me. I also found out I got a small tumor in my breast. I got to the hospital and they told me it wasn't a bad thing but they want to see me now every year to check on me. So, you can guess I really needed a new start. And I get one. I am so very, very happy. 
I will make some photo's tonight of my  new home and make sure I post them in a blog post tomorrow, but I don't think I am that often on my blog, because there is much work to do. 

I really hope you don't mind. 

Big hugs to al of you. 


woensdag 16 april 2014

Awesome giveaway

I came across an awesome giveaway at facebook and I really want to share this with you.
If you love the Charley Davidson series you will be as happy as I am to join this giveaway.

Here is an awesome picture of what you can win:


Hey there guys! I'm in a good mood today so.... GIVEAWAY! :)

I'm personally giving away an ARC of Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones (Official) and some bookmarks+temporary tattoos of the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian Books! One winner only. Open internationally.

Here's the link for the rafflecopter to enter the giveaway: http://on.fb.me/1n1LuR6 (or you can access it by going to the "Giveaway" thingy at the top of my page). 

Apparently the link doesn't work for those who are on their phones so try this one instead (I'm sorry, I know it's not the most practical thing): http://bit.ly/1eEIEDF

Hope you like this giveaway guys! Good luck to everyone! <3

(I will choose a winner Sunday, April 20th)

AWESOME!!!!! <3<3<3

And here is a link to the Darkest Reader's facebook so you can join this giveaway as well as I :D

The Darkest Reader

Have fun. And good luck. 


In 1897 London, a final showdown is about to begin.

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the spine

And I didn't know that the serie I am talking about has more than 3 books. And I just read this 3th book so it is normal to think I am really happy that the 4th book is published soon and that I really am waiting for it :D

I am talking about the serie Steampunk Chronicles. 
I really didn't know there are 4 books in this serie, did you know this? I really thought it would be a trilogy. 
And I am happy it isn't because I totally forgot about how cute and awesome this serie is. 

The Girl with the Windup Heart (Steampunk Chronicles, #4)
Expected publication: May 27th 2014 by Harlequin TEEN 
London's underworld is no place for a young woman, even one who is strong, smart and part-automaton like Mila. But when master criminal Jack Dandy inadvertently breaks her heart, she takes off, determined to find an independent life, one entirely her own. Her search takes her to the spangled shadows of the West End's most dazzling circus.

Meanwhile, taken captive in the Aether, Griffin King is trapped in an inescapable prison, and at the mercy of his archenemy, The Machinist. If he breaks under the hellish torment, The Machinist will claim his powers and control of the Aether itself, and no one in either world will be safe-especially not Finley Jayne and her misfit band of friends.

Finley plunges headlong into the Aether the only way she knows how, by temporarily dying. But she cannot parry The Machinist's maneuvers for long. To defeat him for good, Griffin will have to confront his greatest fear and finally come face-to-face with the destructive power he wields.

dinsdag 15 april 2014

Top Ten Tuesday!!

Hi everyone. 

Time for Top 10 Tuesday, this meme is hosted by the broke and the bookish. And I really love this meme. 
And let me tell you that I think this weeks top 10 is really awesome. 

Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren't Books) That I'd Like To Own (new bookshelves, bookends, cool bookmark, a bookish shirt, etc. You can add things you DO own if you want).

I am a big Charley fan, so I really think I need a t-shirt like this :D

I came across this bag on the internet. And I really need this one!!!

Oh yes, This is tooo perfect for in my bedroom in my  new house. I want it soooo bad <3

I got this idea for a while now, and I love it. I don't know if I ever get this in my house but I think it is awesome

What about a tea mug like this, or one with a nother text? Nice!!

Okay, this was it for today, I don't get a top 10 for you guys. 
But I hope you don't mind :D

Have a nice day. 

dinsdag 8 april 2014


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The broke and the bookish, and I love this meme :D But I think that's not a big suprise. 

This weeks top 10 is a great one, but a difficult one. :D

Top Ten Most Unique Books I've Read

A big numbre one position is for: 
The Diary of a Young Girl
The Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank. 

Yes, I think I got them. These where the books that where unique for me. Maybe because it was the first time I read such a book in that genre.
And Anne Frank, do I need to say more? I don't think so. 

Have a great tuesday everyone. 


zondag 6 april 2014


Stacking the Shelves

Hi everyone. 

Thanks for your support on my last post. 
It's hard to sell your books :(
And I didn't thought I would be making a STS Post very soon. But boy, was I wrong. :D
Because we got a book weekend in my neighborhood. 
The red cross sells book to make some money. So that was my first stop yesterday. And I found a book by Dan Brown, Angels & Demons.

At my second stop, the new opening of our bookstore in Nijmegen I got a book by Diana Rowland. I thought it looks really awesome, don't you?
And after that I was going to our second hand store and I came back with two Classics!! I think I need to read some classics :D 
And, let me tell you that I spend 8 euro's and not a cent more. Ooooh I love to buy books for so little money. 

Did you guys got some great books last week?
Like to share?
Have a great Sunday!! 

vrijdag 4 april 2014

It Hurts!!!

It hurts sooo much!!! I can even descripe what I am feeling, and no, I am not over reacting.
But I am saying goodbye to a couple of books of mine. It's a real shock, I know.

animated crying photo: Regina George Crying .gif cryyyyyy3.gif

crying photo:  tumblr_li8nns36S71qd64tf.gif

crying photo: crying cryyyyyy.gif

So let me tell you why I do this, because you would think I am crazy.
April 30th I move to another house, that's not all of it of course. But moving cost a lot of money. And I really want to read new books. And the money I work for is for paying rent and stuff for my new home. Did you know that curtains are really expensive. I didn't know that, until now. And al those other things you need like paint and a new floor. God!!! It's really expensive!!

And I want to read new books, soooo.....that's why I am standing all morning in front of my bookshelves and think, which one of my books would I never read again. I don't know!! I really don't know :(

crying photo: New Girl Crying NewGirlCrying.gif

 But finally I think I got a few series. And I really hope to sell them so I can buy my self new books. But it is really hard to say goodbye.

Did you guys sell your books ones in a while. Or do you stick with them for forever?

Hugs mariska

woensdag 2 april 2014

We got a winner :D

Hi everyone!

It's time to announce the winner of booking into spring.
First I want to thank you al for joining this giveaway. And I am soooo happy to got a few new followers.
So that said:
Here is the name of the winner:

Tiffany D. =) =) =)

Congratulations girl!! I will send you a mail and you got 48 hours to mail me back.

Have a great day everyone! :D

dinsdag 1 april 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

Time for Top Ten Tuesday. Love this meme =) This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
And this weeks top 10:

Top Ten "Gateway" Books/Authors In My Reading

1 I think the first books I got where from Disneys bookclub. As a parent you can make sure your child don't have to miss those lovely stories, so every month, you got one of these. And they where great. Great to watch and read and to draw in them. Yes I did that. I find out a few months ago when I got those books from my family :P


2 Lecturama Luister Sprookjes/Fairytales on a casette tape.
 Yes I come from a time when a cassette tape was awesome to have. And no, I am not that old =) But I loved this, I really did. First I listened to the story and then I read it. I am crazy, I know 


3 Nancy Drew! Ooooh how I love to read those books. They where so exciting!!


4. Kippenvel/Goosebumps  by R.L. Stine. My sisther and I loved to read those books. Every time we got a birthday or a holiday, we got one of these books! They where great!! 

Again a couple of awesome books from RL Stine. And I loved to read these books when I was a teenager. 

6. After these books, I didn't read for a long time. And when I started, 3 years ago? I started with the Twilight series. So for my adult life the make sure I loved reading again. :D 

Okay, again, not a top 10. But I think I did my very best with this one :D

Have a great day everyone!!