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zaterdag 23 juli 2016

Feature and follow friday

Hi everyone.

Yesterday it was friday but we got a busy week. We got the millitairy march in nijmegen the netherlands. And its really awesome. Especially because this was the 100th time and even our king was there. So awesome. But the parties are the best. Thats why this is my first post. So sorry.

This is a picture of a very small but important part of nijmegen. The bridge over the waal.

Oke...and now i take time for this feature and follow friday. Hosted by para junkee and alison can read. The rules are changed so read them before you start making a post.

What are two of your favorite Book to Movie adaptations?

Thats an easy one for me when we are talking about fantasy movies.

Harry Potter and lord of the rings.

Big fan of the movies. And the books. But lord of the rings was difficult to read. But i love the movies very much.

How about you?

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