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vrijdag 15 juli 2016

Feature and follow friday

What a start for a friday. This morning i wake up with horrible news about Nice. My thoughts and prayers go to all the people who are hurt yesterday evening. What is happening with the world. It really makes me sick and it make me think how i can be better for the people around me. To show them that there are still kind people around.
This day makes me also think about next week. The militairy mars in nijmegen...the netherlands. Its a very big event and people from all over the world will come. There is a lot music and fun things to do but i am thinking...today again proves that this can happen all over the world...so will i go or not. Still thinking about it....

Okay...feature and follow friday. Because thats what this post is about.
Feature and follow friday is hosted by Alison can read
. Read about the new rules because there are a few.

What is your favorite character archetype(s)

My favorite type of character is a strong women who lived true a lot but is very strong. She can take care of her self and is also very loveable and funny.

Yeah thats it for me.
Whats your answer?

Want to share it with me?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I like characters that seem to be a villain at first but then turn out to be one of the good guys who want to hide it. :)

  2. I love strong bad ass women too! Now a days guys are just shown too bad assy or jerks and girls too naive. I like sometimes girls growing their confidence through out the book if they have low confidence but not if you over do it showing her to naive or something and guys can be beta too sometimes, not all guys have to be alpha(Though I love alpha guys too)
    My FF

  3. It was a terrible day. I'm glad I wrote my post last night, because I probably wouldn't be in the mood today.

    I agree about your archetype. Especially the humor!

    Bloodthirsty Muses