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dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

top ten books & movies to get into the halloween spirit

Time for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the broke and the bookish such an awesome meme is this. I really like it =)
This weeks top 10 is:

top ten books & movies to get into the halloween spirit

I never read books that brings me into the Halloween spirit. So for me it would be a top 10 tuesday with movies.

1 Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp, do I need to say more? Yes...you really need to see this movie =) )

2 Hocus Pocus (such a fun movie)

3 The Phantom of the Opera (romantic and scary)

4 The Addams Family 

gremlins poster 10 Ridiculously Fun Horror Films For Halloween

5 The Gremlins

Ghostbusters Flight Suit 10 Ridiculously Fun Horror Films For Halloween

6 Ghostbusters

7 It (I was 11 years old when I was watching this movie, without my parents permission, and I never was sooo scared then after watching this movie. Do you remember that toilet scene? The first couple of days there was always someone at the toilet with me. I was to scared to go alone)

8 The Ring (I was smoking weed with my ex boyfriend and watching this movie, that is such a terrible combination. I was sooo scared. And I saw this movie a year ago again, without smoking weed, because I don't smoke that anymore for a couple of years, and it was still scary)

9 Freddy Krueger (do I need to say more, SCARY!!!!)

10  Chucky (scary and funny in a twisted way. Does that doll look even more scary in this state then when he is really scary? lol)

That was my top 10 for this week, hope you like it and maybe got some inspiration to watch one of these movies.
Have a nice tuesday!! 

1 opmerking:

  1. Wow! These are some pretty freaky movies! Aka ones I couldn't watch because I'm a chicken with a highly vivid imagination! Love Johnny Depp so I did see Edward Scissorhands and loved it! Sleepy Hollow was a good one too!

    But omg, I saw a Freddy Kruger movie once as a kid with negligent adult apparently and it scared the crap out of me! I pretty much didn't fear monsters in the basement as a kid, but Freddy waiting around the corner of the steps!

    But I loved Hocus Pocus and Addams' Family! Those are good movies! Of course the first is a family one and the other is more comedy, but yeah! I liked those!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)