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zondag 26 oktober 2014

the world box of happiness

Yesterday I told you that I was visiting amsterdam on friday. 
That was a fun and inspiring day for me. Me and my friend where visiting Body world. This is a great and inspiring exhibition. If you never heard of it, you really should visit this site (on the right side you can change the language) and if you ever visit amsterdam you really should see this exhibition. Its amazing!!!
They got there a happiness project and I even bought the world of happiness box. Because, who doesn't want to get more happiness in our lifes.
Let me show you how this box looks like:

There are 52 cards in this box with things you can do to get more happiness in your life. 
Every week you pick a card and you do what is written on it. I am sooo happy I bought this. Would this create more happiness in my life? 
Every sunday I want to share with you what is on this card. And the next sunday I will tell you what I did that week to create more happiness. 

I know this has nothing to do with books. But a little more happiness in your life without doing really big things like winning the lottery, buy your self more books with your winning money, and be happy for the moment. You can make your own happiness by doing some small things. How awesome is that?

Sooo...this week....(I hope I will translate this good for you guys, because it is written only in dutch) 

* Go to a secondhand shop or thrift store, buy your self something nice, and cherish this. 

** Think back on your life and think of 5 moments that make you give a super enthousiastic feeling. Give these feelings or moments a second chance

I hope I can inspire people to do the same and be more happy when you did this. 
Please let me know if I inspire you with this and maybe you can post this it on your blog? 

Enjoy your sunday!

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