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vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Day 1

Just yesterday I was working at my new house.
I am not a handyman(woman) but I did a good job for the first day. :) I think.
I clean the kitchen and I worked on the little room at my new house.
Ooooh I am sooo excited about today. My aunt and uncle will come to see my new home. And I can't wait to show it to them.
But first I want to show you what I did yesterday.
That means, photo's!!!!

So this is the small room...with the first coating on my wall. It's a new building so this coating you need to use because otherwise you can't do a good job painting. That is what they told me, I don't have a clue. I am not a dumb girl, but I never did anything like this. So it's all new to me and they can tell me anything. lol. 

And this is my kitchen. Nothing special, but to me it is :D I am happy with it and I can store more now than I did before. Yeeeey for me!!!
So this was day 1. 
And day 2 is starting in a few minutes.
So, see you later :D

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