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vrijdag 28 juni 2013


Time for another Feature and Follow Friday. This meme is hosted by Parajunkie and Alison can read

Q. What is your preffered reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, Paperback etc?

A: I would prefer books in it's original form, so in papers. And I don't mind if it is a paperback or a hardcover. Just love to collect them and love to put them at my bookshelf. My friends also love it. :) Not that that is the reason that I love the books in this format. But everytime my friends visit me they are looking at my bookshelf and saying that I really nead a big bookcase. And I am saving money to buy a big one from the Ikea. Do you know those big bookcases? Let me show them to you. 

That's the one that wil be in my house when I got the money to buy it. So when the time is there, I will show this bookcase filled with all my books :)

Okay, that is it for me today. If you would like to tell my what format you preffer, you are always welcome to tell me :)

Have a nice friday everyone!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice bookshelf!! I had to buy a similar one to hold all of my other books because my first bookshelf held my ARC's.

    New Follower

  2. oo! I love those book shelves! I will have to look into them myself!

    new follower!

    Here's My FF

    Amber @Paradise of Pages

  3. I love Ikea! I still prefer a real book in my hands, but lately I've been buying and sharing more ebooks due to price and convenience. New bloglovin follower. Happy Friday!

    Meredith’s Musings

  4. Hi I'm new to blogging and following thru from Parajunkie's follow friday.

    You can follow me back at "SnowRavyn's Reviews"

  5. I love how your friends say you need a bigger bookshelf. I keep being told I have too many books but I save them a trip to the library :) Great post!
    Here is my FF.