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vrijdag 7 juni 2013


It's time for Feature and Follow Friday. This meme is hosted by Alison can read and Parajunkie.

Today's question is:
Q: Have you broken up with a series? If so which one and why

A: I really try to read the whole serie even if after a few books I don't like it anymore. But sometimes I really can't stand this serie and I broke up with them. One of these serie, I think there are more people who didn't finish them, is The house of night series by pc and kristin cast.
This was one of the first series I ever read and I am very sorry I don't like this serie but after reading a lot of other series I know why.

How about you? Did you broke op with a serie?


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I gave up on the HoN series after book 3 or so because the mc and the romance really started to annoy me.

    - New follower via GFC! ^^

  2. I quit House of Night too, and from looking at other FF's many more! PS: new follower on bloglovin!

    My FF:

  3. I almost put House of Night on my FF post also but I really want to finish that series because I got really far into it. I just can't make myself read the 10th book (I think). Just ugh.

    Old follower!

    Here's my FF!

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  4. Hey just hopping around and noticed this is my first visit to your awesome blog!

    Glad to read your choices it'll make me think twice about the series you chose.

    New follower via Gfc and bloglovin

    Libertad @http://twinjabookreviews.blogspot.com