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zaterdag 28 januari 2012

In My Mailbox (1)

Hi everyone!

This is my first time I am going to show you what is In My Mailbox and I can tell you it's yummy :D

I bought these a few weeks ago and I finally got them. I am not a very patient person so I am very happy that they came in my mail this week.

Can't wait to read them. What do you think about these books? Without telling me spoilers :D

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi girl,

    I only read 'City of Bones' and it wasn't as good as 'Clockwork Angel' (or Prince!) (which, by the way, did you receive already, or not?) but CC is def. one of my fav authors! Get ready for a lot of action!
    And I'm curious what you'll think of 'Die for Me', judging by some other reviews I'm not gonna read it though.

    Enjoy your reads!

    My IMM

  2. I'm not patient with my books either!
    Die for Me by Amy Plum is an awesome book and its very unique. You'll love how its different from a lot of books out now.

    Candace @ Lovey Dovey Books

  3. Oh you got great books. I love the Mortal Instruments and Die for Me. They are both fantastic series. Hope you like them

  4. Enjoy The Mortal Instruments series, I liked it very much!
    Thanks for stopping by...

    Lisa O. @ The Nocturnal Library

  5. I love The Mortal Instruments! Die for Me sounds great. Thanks for checking out my IMM and following! Following you'r blog. (=

  6. I love The Mortal Instruments series so I really hope you like them too. I also have Die For Me to read I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

  7. Ahhh the Mortal Instruments series. Its incredible. One of my favorites. I obviously can't say enough great things about these books. I hope you feel the same after reading them!!!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves
    My IMM

  8. I enjoyed the Mortal Instruments (though I like her infernal devices much better :D) but I've only read the first 2. Die for me sounds really good! I look forward to reading your review!

  9. TMI is simply amazing! I love this series. Hope you enjoy it too!
    Happy Reading!
    My IMM post
    A Beautiful Madness

  10. Great mailbox :D I love love love love the Mortal Instruments books. <3 I didn't like Die for Me (A) but then, it's been about a year since I tried reading it ;p Hope you enjoy everything you got :D
    Thank you for commenting on my mailbox. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  11. I'm also reading the CIty of Bones series..I need to start book 3. Haven't heard of Die for Me before so I'll have to look that one up!

  12. I have all The Mortal Instruments series, but only done with City of Bones only. City of Ashes is coming next. You should purchase City of Fallen Angel too :)
    Nice IMM