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zondag 29 juni 2014


Hi everyone,

I am sooo sorry that I didn't post anything for a few weeks or is it only some days?.
But I am not really happy with my self and I can't find something nice to do except reading and keeping my house cleen. :(
The last couple of days, I get some motivation to do something, yesterday I even get to town to buy no books but postcards. I think I got a nother addiction except reading ;) And you call it postcrossing.
I even made a blog about it, if you would like to follow me you are more than welcome http://mariskapostcrossing.blogspot.nl/
At my blog you can read how it works. But in little words: you get 5 adresses al around the world and you sent them a postcard, when they arrive they let it know at this site and from other people you can get some other postcards. I only just sent 5 postcards and some other things because I am already joining a swap, but I am really excited about it .
So if you like to follow my new adventures you can follow my new blog. I will post again at this blog about books! I promise, I try to start this monday. :)

Have a great sunday!!


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