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vrijdag 4 april 2014

It Hurts!!!

It hurts sooo much!!! I can even descripe what I am feeling, and no, I am not over reacting.
But I am saying goodbye to a couple of books of mine. It's a real shock, I know.

animated crying photo: Regina George Crying .gif cryyyyyy3.gif

crying photo:  tumblr_li8nns36S71qd64tf.gif

crying photo: crying cryyyyyy.gif

So let me tell you why I do this, because you would think I am crazy.
April 30th I move to another house, that's not all of it of course. But moving cost a lot of money. And I really want to read new books. And the money I work for is for paying rent and stuff for my new home. Did you know that curtains are really expensive. I didn't know that, until now. And al those other things you need like paint and a new floor. God!!! It's really expensive!!

And I want to read new books, soooo.....that's why I am standing all morning in front of my bookshelves and think, which one of my books would I never read again. I don't know!! I really don't know :(

crying photo: New Girl Crying NewGirlCrying.gif

 But finally I think I got a few series. And I really hope to sell them so I can buy my self new books. But it is really hard to say goodbye.

Did you guys sell your books ones in a while. Or do you stick with them for forever?

Hugs mariska

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I also sell my books, whenever I need money. Usually to buy more other books... And also, I barely have enough room for all my books so I guess it's good to sell some of them once in a while. =D

  2. Every once in awhile I tend to donate books. I guess I could sell them, but I still live at home, sadly, but it saves money. So I donate instead for the meantime. But yeah, it's hard. Generally ones I picked to donate were ones that were sent to me for review that I had no interest in. Seriously, a good chunk of those weren't even paranormals and I state in my review policy that that is what I read.

    So those always go in the donate pile. Then there are the books that I wanted to love, but didn't so those are easily given away--I do giveaways of that type too! But to actually get rid of books I loved? Even if I may never re-read them, since I have soooo many in the TBR pile? Probably not. I love my books. My books are my one "bad" vice, the thing that I am always buying.

    But yeah, trying to find room for all those books isn't easy! I've taken over one third of our entertainment center in the basement for books, one shelf in our living room bookcase. Then there are a few random "media" books--books based on movies and TV shows--that are floating around on another shelf in the basement. I have one small bookshelf shoved into my closet. It was that or a shoe-rack, so I quickly tossed that as I don't own many shoes and just started keeping them in boxes. Then I have one half of my closet shelf fulled with books. Mostly old ones and back series kind of thing.

    When the day does come to move out, hopefully with someone! So he can help me pack and load them all into a moving truck or something because I can't stand to get rid of any of my keepers! And usually it's 8/10 that are keepers! Or more like 10/10 with the rare nonkeeper book popping up occasionally!

    So yeah, after all that rambling I probably wasn't much help! Sorry! :)

  3. My husband makes me sell books when our bookshelves get to be overwhelmingly overloaded, but it's always painful. I can't help it! I feel your pain!! The gifs you chose are perfect, btw. Love Mean Girls! :D

    Think of the new books you'll be able to buy. It's so hard to let go of books you have and love, I know it is. You'll get to a point where you can buy books again PLUS you'll have your own place, too! When my husband and I bought our house, I remember thinking we'd never be able to buy fun things again, but I was wrong. :D