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maandag 30 juli 2012

Memorable Monday

Hi everyone.

Why in the world should a weekend be so short? It's to soon monday :( LOL.
I don't really like mondays. But what I do like about mondays is this meme Memorable Monday, hosted by Mari. Here you can show everyone what your favorite quote of this week is. But my quote is not a quote of a book that I read this week.

But I really like this quote, so let me show you. It's from the book Entice by Carrie Jones.

“Nobody is perfect, though. We all want everyone to think we are, but perfection is some crazy mythical state that we can never achieve. It is a goal beyond our grasp, always shifting and changing and taunting us, because it knows...it knows we can never reach it.” ― Carrie Jones, Entice (click on the title to go to goodreads)


Okay, this was my quote. Do you like to share your quote with me?
And let me tell you that I got a birthday giveaway, it would end august 17th. Just click here to go to the giveaway.

Have a great monday everyone!

zaterdag 28 juli 2012


Woops! My last post was also Stacking the shelves hosted by Tynga. But the summer was finally there in the netherlands so I was most of the time outside or at my work.
But in my free time (mostly at night) I was surfing on ebay. And I can tell you that I find out that Ebay is a great please to buy some great books. I am a little bit addicted. ^^ But you can't blame me. Did you ever buy something from ebay? It is sooo very cheap. :D

This week I got two second hand books from ebay. And I am sooo happy with them.

The first one is the third book of the serie (I still should buy the second one but I couldn't find him on ebay)Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane (just click on the link so you can read on goodreads al about this book)

Okay, now my second book: It's a new serie for me. But I wanted to read it for a long time. It is Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh .

I hope this is a great serie. Did you read it? And can you tell me what you think of it?

Did you got some great books this week?
Btw, I also got a great birthday giveaway. If you like to join it just click here. It is international. :D

I wish you al a great weekend!

vrijdag 20 juli 2012


Just another saturday and time for a new STS. Hosted by Tynga. This would be a quick post because the sun is finally shining :D.

This week I got this book Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane (just click on it to see it on Goodreads:

I hope this book would be a great book. Can you tell me if it is?
And what kind of books did you got this week?

dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Giveaway (international)

Hi everyone!!

First of all I want to tell you how happy I am that you are my followers :D
I don't let you see that enough, because I am constantly busy with other things. But, hey, it's summer and I don't have some great phone with internet, so I can't check on you guys everyday, because I am to much outside. :D I hope you understand.

Okay, now the fun part!! I will give a giveaway because a month from now it would be my birthday. 20-something (almost 30-something ;)) And I think it would be great to give you guys some nice book.

Now let me tell you what you can win. *drum roll*.......A book of your choice or more than one book because you can choose till 15 euro of books at the bookdepository.


*You need to be 13 years old or older to enter the giveaway.
*This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. (as long as bookdepository ships to your country you can check that over here)
*Use the Rafflecopter below to enter
*Grab the button!
*Make sure you stop by the 18th of august to see of you are the winner. If you don't reply within 48 hours, then a new winner will be chosen.

<div align="center"><a href="http://me-andmybooks.blogspot.nl" title="me-andmybooks"><img src="http://i1170.photobucket.com/albums/r539/mariska1984v/th_Home_Photo_books.jpg" alt="me-andmybooks" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

a Rafflecopter giveaway

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Who can help me?

Hi everyone!

I hope you can help me. Because I see a lot of you got a button on your blog. Me to, but I don't have a html code to put under my button so you can grab it and put it on your blog.
I hope someone can tell me how you do that:D

Have a great tuesday!

maandag 9 juli 2012

Memorable Monday

Hi everyone!

Today the weather really sucks (sorry for my language) so I have all the time to go on the WWW, blogging :D

And because its Monday it time for Memorable Monday, hosted by Mari. I choose a quote that possible could happen to me. And of course I laughed at this quote just like so many in the fantastic books of Darynda Jones.

This one is from the book: Second grave on the left (this link is from goodreads)

“Make it quick," I said when I picked up. "Okay. Two men from the FBI are here." Cookie said. Quickly. Crap. "Men in black are at the office?" "Well, yes, but they're actually in more of a navy." Crapola. I so don't have time for men. In any color. "Okay, two questions. Do they look mad, and are they hot?" After a long, long, pause, Cookie said, "One, not really. Two, no comment at this time. And three, you're on speakerphone." After another long, long pause, I said, "Okie dokie then. Be there in a jiff.” ― Darynda Jones, Second Grave on the Left

How about your quote for this monday? Do you like to share it with me?
Happy monday!!!

zaterdag 7 juli 2012


Hi Everyone!

I am back again. Not for long, because I am sooo busy and I love to spend time outside with this beautiful weather.

Here is my STS, this meme is hosted by Tynga.
And I want to show you my new book. I am sooo happy that I got it finally.

Did you got some great books this week. Let me know, I am curious :D
Happy Saturday and enjoy the beautiful weather.

zondag 1 juli 2012

Random Act of Kindness June

Hi Everyone.

I know it's been a while since I got here but I am really busy.
And with the beautiful weather I am nowhere near a computer.
But it's time to let you now how my RAK was. Isalys & Vanessa are hosting this fantastic meme and since 3 months I join it everytime.

This time Petra was the lucky girl who get a book from me. I hope it wil come soon, because by accident I send it to my house and a week a go I send it to her. It is this book:

This time I didn't got any book.

I wish you all a great sunday and I hope you got a great RAK.

My Wishlist RAK for July