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zaterdag 27 juli 2013


Already time for a new STS. This meme is hosted by Tynga  just check out her blog and see what the rules are in this meme. 

I really thought that I still didn't got to show you any books this week. But when I was shopping yesterday with some friends I saw a book outlet!! OMG!! That is such an amazing thing for book lovers! But when I was looking in this store I thought there weren't any books I would read. Lots of books about religion, autobiographics and books for schools. But, when I was almost done I saw one small book shelve with fantasy books. So I was looking for any book that looks good. And I found 2 books. 

So when I saw these books I could not let them stay there. Especially when they where 1 Euro per book. 
Love those prices but I got one baby small problem. The didn't got the first book in this serie. But I already bought it on ebay. So when he arrives I can start reading them. :)

Did you guys got some great books this week? 
Have a nice weekend!

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

AWESOME giveaway at...

....Krystal and Rachel. It is such an awesome giveaway. You can win more than 150 books. Can you believe it? It is so awesome and so very sweet of these girls.
Oh, and did I tell you it is international?
Girls you are really awesome!

zaterdag 6 juli 2013


Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga . Just click on her name to learn about this meme. :)

You think I have enough books to read in one lifetime. But just like everybody else that is not true. My to read list is maybe one for one lifetime, but I also doubt that as well.
So the point is. You have never to many books ;) And that's why I gave my self some new one. Also because I wanted the first of a serie. This serie I bought a few weeks ago but I find out that I bought the 2, 3 and 4 of this serie. 

So I bought (second hand) Glasshouses by Rachel Caine. I am not really happy with the condition of this book, but you never know this when you bought it second hands.

Oke, I didn't know that the books that I bought would be so soon at my house so I borrowed a book from a friend of mine. It's a stand alone book so I don't need to read a nother and a nother one before I can start with my own books :) It's Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti. I hope it is a great book. Do you know this one?

Okay, and now my next two books. I just read Street Magic and find out that I didn't had the sequel. So I just needed it because I want to know if I like this serie ( I don't know yet, the first one sounds great but I was a lot distracted when I was reading it). That's why I bought Demon Bound by Caitlin Kittredge.

And the last one, Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead. Why did I bought this one? Because I am very curious about this book. I heard great things about this one. :) Hope they are true.

What did you got on your shelve this week?
Want to share it with me?

Have a nice weekend!!